2. Capacity Building Progam.

The main objective of this program is the training of human resources specialized in sustainable management or biodiversity. The program will promote, on national and international levels, the organization of educational training seminars and workshops, as well as conferences and other scientific and technical meetings in co-operation with various specialized academic institutions and other qualified non-governmental organizations.


3. Education and Communication Program.

This program seeks to create awareness in public and private sectors which have a direct or indirect influence on nature conservation, as well as students, families and the general public. In principle, the program aims at transforming strategies into actions, by strengthening co-operation, by supporting alliances in the various sectors and by evaluating and monitoring the mechanism of participatory processes. It also envisages the organization of specific activities for children.  The program includes activities for decision-making civil servants, professors, and students, representatives of the media and local associations.  

These activities will be coordinated by NmC in co-operation with other national or interntional institutions.  They will include seminars covering a wide field of subjects, as sustainable development, fauna and flora; water and soil management, desertification; waste management and recovery and the use of alterntive energy sources and more.

1. Natural Resources Conservation and Managemert Programs.

This program aims to enhance knowledge about natural systems, identification of, and evaluation of and management of renewable natural resources by means of sustainable, more productive and equitable exploitation. Within this framework innovative projects are elaborated and carried out which offer solutions in agreement with environmental protection and contribute to the support of local socio-economic interests, For this purpose, the program envisages to cooperate with local and international authorities, universities and other qualified academic institutions. 

photo credit: Andreas Gucklhorn

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